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On 12-21-12 we began the 5th Sun/Iron Age of Mankind, what does ALL of this entail?

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Ascension, it's about forgiveness, it's about raising our consciousness and vibration.  It's about becoming more loving.  It's about becoming more 'Service to Others'.  

How do I do ALL of this?

Where do I begin?

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New Releases for 2019

We are in the process of completing (3) new releases for 2019 which we here at the institute are very excited about!

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We have a full schedule for the year of classes, workshops and speaking engagements, we look forward to seeing you there.

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Bottom Line

Sure we want to sell "Books" but above and beyond that our success is your success as our impact upon the world and helping people is the bottom line

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Excited About the Coming Year

Telara Sky DPD has (5) More Books in the wings for the coming year in various stages of assembly, we're excited about the coming year!


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When we humans work together, we can accomplish anything we set our minds too.

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